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Ballad of Joe Burrow, looking ahead to 2020 season

Tim May Podcast

Ballad of Joe Burrow, looking ahead to 2020 season

On this week’s episode of the Tim May Podcast, Jimmy Burrow, father of Joe Burrow, joined the show to talk about the National Champion quarterback.

College football writer, Jeff Snook called in to give his take on the title game and the college football landscape.

Lettermen Row senior writer, Austin Ward joined May, in-studio, to wrap up the season.

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Sir Miles
Sir Miles

Tim, if you talk to Jim Burrow again, it’d be nice to know two things.
What did he think of Lsu jumping osu in the final bcs poll? Did he as rumored, bet $2,000 at 200 to 1, on Joe to win the Heisman?
If he did pick up 400k for betting on his son, who was the other that made the same bet? Supposedly there were two bettors with those numbers, interesting.

I’ll speculate a bit, maybe JT? He told Joe, that he’d love Brady-whom he knew from his time with the Saints.


agree… nearly all are ‘so surprised’ to see LSU’s offense ‘actually not stop’. Anyone else remember Woody’s infamous comments about another ‘third & 17’ call?

It’s called “exploiting The Initiative”. The words have been available to us all for decades… centuries… millennia.

And surely there’s been ‘sufficient’ claims about who does or doesn’t do it.

But no person owns… ‘dynamic’. We each do own… our own peculiar version of our common… human nature.

And each of us has planned a great attack in his own mind… and then sat on his ‘beach at Anzio’ for 3 days, digging in, be cause surely, the Germans are coming soon….

Robert Gustin
Robert Gustin

About that BetDSI thing – how is 100% “more than double”?

Tim May

Tim May brings decades of experience to his work on the Ohio State beat. The award-winning journalist retired from his post at the Columbus Dispatch after the 2018 season but remains a fixture around the Buckeyes and continues to loom as an authority on the program.

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