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Scarlet Sunrise: Ohio State can’t let losses spiral into embarrassing blowouts

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Ohio State has been embarrassed in its last two losses. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

Scarlet Sunrise

Scarlet Sunrise: Ohio State can’t let losses spiral into embarrassing blowouts

Good morning, Ohio State fans, and welcome to the Scarlet Sunrise! Football will always be our focus, but every day we’ll cover news, notes and analysis from across Buckeyes sports. Join us each morning to get caught up on everything you missed in the world of Ohio State football, recruiting, basketball and more. 

Embarrassing losses matter

Until Purdue produced one of the most inexplicable losses in Ohio State’s history, the Buckeyes hadn’t lost a game in 11 months. Pretty good, right? Except the last loss was also described that exact same way. Whether to Purdue or Iowa — or even Clemson in the College Football Playoff, though the Buckeyes weren’t the most talented team in that one — it’s becoming clear that when Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes lose, they make it memorable.

The problem with that, of course, is that college football is wildly different from its professional counterpart. In a 12-game season for a sport with 65 Power 5 teams, even how wins and losses are accumulated matter. Though it’s somewhat forgotten since Alabama ended up winning the title, the Crimson Tide’s playoff hopes were tenuous after failing to win the division (and, as a result, the conference) and losing by two scores against the only high-level team they played. One of the ways people rationalized Alabama’s inclusion despite not even playing for a conference title was…… drumroll….. the fact that Ohio State not only lost to Iowa but also lost to Iowa by 31 freaking points.

Congrats, 2018 Ohio State. If Buckeyes somehow run the table and their inclusion ends up looking complicated because of unexpected outside factors (Notre Dame, two SEC teams, etc), you can bet you’ll hear nonstop about their 29-point loss to the team that lost to Eastern Michigan on that same field.

Here’s our analysis from a shocking defeat:

Instant reaction from the loss to Purdue

What we learned from Ohio State’s loss

Which players earned our Buckeye Leaves

Ohio State coaches hit the recruiting trail

Certainly the Buckeyes would prefer to send their assistant coaches out on the recruiting trail in a better mood, but regardless, it’s time for Ohio State to get busy on the recruiting trail.

With the off week ahead, you’ll start to see news about where coaches have visited and who they’ve visited, helping clarify exactly who the real targets and priorities are in 2019 and beyond.

Stay tuned throughout the week to see where the Buckeyes are putting their attention.

Ohio State No. 1 in Misery Index

One of my favorite weekly columns is USA Today writer Dan Wolken’s Misery Index, a post that charts which college football fan bases had the most miserable weekend. As I’m sure you’d assume, the Buckeyes are No. 1 this week. I don’t quite agree with the way it was framed — it would have been nice to see more discussion about the quite appropriate fan angst stemming from the underperforming assistants who happen to be close friends with Meyer — but it was an interesting read nonetheless.

Ohio State drops in polls

The Buckeyes fell to No. 9 in this week’s Amway Coaches Poll and No. 11 in the AP Top 25 after its crushing loss on the road at Purdue last week. This is the first time Ohio State is outside of the top five since Week 3 last season after the home loss to Oklahoma and leaves the Buckeyes on the outside looking into the College Football Playoff picture.

Counting down

  • Ohio State vs. Nebraska: 12 days
  • The Game: 33 days

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Ryan Ginn

Ryan Ginn has covered Ohio State football and recruiting since 2013, having done so previously for Buckeye Sports Bulletin and He is currently a student at Tulane Law School and resides in New Orleans, La.

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