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Wyatt Davis has an open door for a return to Ohio State. Will he walk through it? (Birm/Lettermen Row)

Ohio State Football

Door open for Wyatt Davis, Shaun Wade return for Buckeyes

COLUMBUS — The door is officially open for Wyatt Davis and Shaun Wade to return to Ohio State.

The question now is whether or not the pair of Buckeyes All-Americans will opt to walk through it. Ryan Day, speaking to the media following the news that the Big Ten was officially reversing its course and would return to football this fall, opined on whether or not two of his stars would do the same.

“In communications with both of those guys and their families, they wanted to play,” Day said. “At the time, with the information they had, we weren’t playing a season.

“Now that’s changed. I think this is a very, very unique time in our country’s history and certainly in college football. If they want to play, I believe a thousand percent they should be allowed to play.”

So do they want to play? That’s a million-dollar question for two guys on the verge of making millions. There are still a number of questions out there as the Big Ten attempts to fix the considerable public relations damage its done to itself in the last six weeks, and Randy Wade, speaking about his son’s decision, pointed to a lack of confidence in the league as a primary motivator for the oddly-timed announcement that came Monday morning.

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Shaun Wade will have a decision to make — again. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

“As of [Tuesday], my wife and I wanted Shaun not to declare,” Wade’s father tweeted. “Shaun didn’t opt out there [because there] is no season, he declared because of [the] Big Ten circus.”

With a renewed hope that the circus is over, all eyes in Columbus will turn to Wyatt Davis and Shaun Wade and their potential return to Ohio State. The Big Ten’s best team is way better with them involved.

“This all just came out fast and it’s happening and moving quickly,” Day added. “Ee’ll let them kind of digest the information and see what happens with the conversations they’re having with their families what they want to do. Then we’ll go from there.

“They have both shared with me that they want to play football, they want to be part of this team and play with their teammates. Now the opportunity is here. In terms of the details of all that, we’ll figure that out in the next couple days.”


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