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Drama-filled return-to-play saga finally nears conclusion

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Lettermen Live hosted by Roosters.

Ohio State Football

Drama-filled return-to-play saga finally nears conclusion

COLUMBUS — Lettermen Live is back again as the Big Ten return-to-play saga is beginning to come to a close and Ohio State has plenty of optimism.

Lettermen Row Director of Recruiting Jeremy Birmingham welcomes former Buckeyes stars Doug Worthington, Justin Zwick and Anthony Schlegel for a discussion about the potential Big Ten football season in October, the weekend that was filled with twists, turns and rumors and much more surrounding a potential upcoming vote in the coming hours and days.

The panel takes a deep dive into the rumors and drama that have been swirling around the league for the last week and addresses the Buckeyes who decided to opt out over the last four days. The guys make sure to hit on key topics including what to do with teams who may choose to not play if the season is approved.

Make sure not to miss this huge edition of Lettermen Live hosted by Roosters on Olentangy River Road in Columbus.

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Anthony Schlegel

Anthony Schlegel is a former Ohio State linebacker who finished his Buckeyes career with 166 tackles and a lot of wins. After his stint in the NFL, Schlegel served as an assistant strength coach for the Buckeyes. Now, he’s President of The Difference USA, a company that makes cutting edge football training equipment.