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Throwback BuckIQ: Zach Boren became Ohio State legend in The Game

Ohio State Football

Throwback BuckIQ: Zach Boren became Ohio State legend in The Game

COLUMBUS — The image will never get old for Zach Boren.

No matter how many times the former Ohio State linebacker sees it, no matter how many times he signs it, the memories instantly come flooding back from his last appearance in The Game.

The defensive plan is still fresh in his memory. The way the whole week of preparation felt heading into Urban Meyer’s first chance to lead the Buckeyes against Michigan sticks with him. And, yes, Boren knows what the trash talk included when he was standing over Devin Gardner and delivering one of the most iconic images in the storied history of the rivalry.

Of course, that part isn’t for public consumption even six years removed from the unforgettable 26-21 game that capped a perfect season for Ohio State in 2012.

But Boren has plenty more memories to share as he reflects back on one of the most special days in his career with the Buckeyes. It’s easy now to forget just how unique that final season was for the converted linebacker since he looked so natural in that position by the time the Wolverines showed up in the Horseshoe. But without his selfless move from the offensive side of the ball over to the heart of the defense at middle linebacker in the middle of the season, there probably wouldn’t be a banner in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center celebration that undefeated campaign.

Boren finished as the leading tackler for the Buckeyes to claim a pair of Gold Pants, finishing with 9 of them in the win — including two tackles for loss, a fumble recovery and the unforgettable sack. Lettermen Row turned the tables a bit on Boren by having him break down himself for once instead of current Buckeyes, giving some insight on the rivalry, sharing his memories of the 2012 game — and reliving the hit on Gardner for a throwback version of BuckIQ.

Roll the tape!

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