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After years of auditioning, Corey Dennis ready for full-time spotlight

Corey Dennis has been a part of the Ohio State program for five seasons already. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

Ohio State Football

After years of auditioning, Corey Dennis ready for full-time spotlight

Ohio State football recruiting can be a wild ride full of twists and turns as recruits from all over the country maneuver their way to signing day. Lettermen Row is here to help navigate the tumultuous roads by getting to the heart of the matter with the young football players and Ohio State coaches and staff members themselves. Birminology shows who the young men being recruited by Ohio State truly are — by talking to them. This week’s guest is Ohio State quarterbacks coach Corey Dennis, who was officially promoted by Ryan Day following the departure of Mike Yurcich.

New Ohio State quarterbacks coach Corey Dennis has been a member of the coaching staff for the last four seasons, even he wasn’t technically considered a full-time assistant

He’s worked closely with Ryan Day as an assistant quarterbacks coach and has played a pivotal role in the development of a pair of Heisman finalist quarterbacks in the last two years. In essence, Dennis has had a near 1,000-day job interview in Columbus

Yet, a little over a month into his new role, Dennis knows that many aren’t sure he’s earned the position he now finds himself in. The son-in-law of former Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer hears the cynicism and isn’t turning from it.

“Coach Day wouldn’t have hired me if he didn’t think that I was ready,” Dennis said on Wednesday. “I think I’m ready. Coach Day thinks I’m ready. I have a lot of coaches here, [Buckeyes offensive coordinator Kevin] Wilson, the guys believe in me. I’ve had players believe in me, and I think I’m ready to go.”

Corey Dennis-Ohio State-Ohio State football-Buckeyes

Corey Dennis had his first meeting with the Ohio State media last Wednesday. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

To prove he’s ready to go, Dennis will be tasked with repeating the success of the last two seasons. But for the first time, the success and failures produced by the Ohio State quarterbacks will be placed on the 28-year-old assistant’s shoulders.

What makes Corey Dennis feel so confident that he’s ready for this job? How will he make the job his own and what approach will he take on the recruiting trail? The young Buckeyes coach answers those questions and more as the latest guest of Birminology, exclusively on Lettermen Row.

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Man… All the OSU media outlets are trying HARD to sell this kid to the fans. I’ve never seen this level of salesmanship for a hire before, OSU must be telling them to get the message out.


how to characterize this situation? Corey Dennis is the past [legacy, connections] and future [individuals, then scheme] of Ryan Day’s program?

will his ‘one elite characteristic’ Dennis speaks of… be as the fulcrum of Ohio St staff development and renewal? I say ‘renewal’ IF Coach Day has set his enduring program principles and standards; development if he is still in a form of ‘trasformation’.

For, in the next now to 5 years… there is going to be major staff personnel changes….

Suggestion for Dennis: to “be yourself”… say what you mean. Boy will that ‘set you apart’! ;-{)}

‘Just imagine’ the differences with distinctions of “incredible” compared to “credible”.

Of “honesty” c/f “appropriate”.

Of the ‘characteristics’ in individuals… like our 4 new receivers have just said in their latest interviews here.

Consider the differnece between ‘renewing’ to a standard set, with “I’m going to ‘transform’ you… from whatever to incredible.

IMO landmark interviews here lately, Birm.


I knew this would be here. Good work 68.


Birm is Lettermen Row's Director of Recruiting and the site's primary Ohio State sports photographer. A Toledo, Ohio native, Jeremy has been in similar roles for and and has been covering the Buckeyes for seven years.

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