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BuckIQ: Luke Wypler can play, thrive anywhere on offensive line

Ohio State freshman Luke Wypler is trying to follow the Billy Price blueprint.

Ohio State Football

BuckIQ: Luke Wypler can play, thrive anywhere on offensive line

COLUMBUS — When Luke Wypler says he’ll play anywhere on the Ohio State offensive line, he means it.

There’s plenty of evidence from his high-school career in New Jersey that Wypler is ready and willing to handle any role that’s required of him, and even when he’s hurt he’ll still try to find a spot that works for him.

So, whether that meant playing both tackle positions for St. Joseph Regional or even filling in at center when an injury knocked out his teammate in the middle, Wypler would do it. And the way he handled them all helped fuel his rise into a four-star prospect, and that versatility will continue to be invaluable to Ohio State as he transitions to guard before likely becoming the center of the future.

“I think it speaks volumes of his character, that he’s not a me guy, and is all about the team,” Green Knights coach Frank Coccaro said. “Never once put his career ahead of team. When he went to right tackle, he struggled in the summer but just kept on working.

Ohio State-Buckeyes-Ohio State football-Luke Wypler

Ohio State freshman Luke Wypler has impressed the program with his versatility. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

“When our center went down, Luke went to center. In high school football, the center is not as big a part of what the offensive line is asked to do, but we did a couple things to pull him into open space because he’s so athletic. … Luke was always helping out the younger guys on the offensive line, like another coach.”

His intelligence was already shining through after he enrolled early this season with the Buckeyes, and he was quickly impressing during the pandemic-shortened spring camp. Even with just three practices under his belt, Wypler was validating the buzz around his recruitment. And while he’s a year or two away from becoming a starter for the Buckeyes, it’s not hard at all to envision him following the familiar guard-to-center blueprint the program has used with great success over the last few years with Wypler eventually becoming a star.

He’s only getting started, of course. But it certainly helps that moving around the line is nothing new for him.

What makes Luke Wypler such an intriguing prospect at Ohio State? How will the transition work for him as he plays guard and center for the Buckeyes? When does a young blocker truly feel comfortable in the middle? Former Ohio State center and Rimington Trophy winner Billy Price evaluated some high school clips for Lettermen Row and tried to answer those questions in the latest episode of BuckIQ.

Roll the tape!

Lettermen Row senior writer Austin Ward contributed the editorial content for this post.

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Brian yakata
Brian yakata

Just want to give a shout out to the great chris speilman. Churchill once said “you judge a man’s character by his decisions under pressure.”


Luke reporting here suggests hi fb IQ and versatility for interior OL

OT? That would be… amazing to me… ;-{)}

Raging Woody
Raging Woody

It would’ve been nice if Austin had let Billy actually watch the tape and comment play by play instead of talking right through it. The whole point of having him on was to break down his tape.


agree, “actually” is a rare recognition, let alone observation, these daze….

lots ‘n lots of “rage” though….


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