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BuckIQ: Demario McCall has explosive, game-changing ability for Ohio State

Demario McCall is generating plenty of excitement again at Ohio State.

Ohio State Football

BuckIQ: Demario McCall has explosive, game-changing ability for Ohio State

There will always be room for speedy, elusive offensive weapons like Demario McCall in the offense at Ohio State.

Figuring out exactly how much a guy like McCall might play for Urban Meyer or even where the redshirt sophomore will line up on a given play can be a bit more complicated.

What’s not up for debate is that Demario McCall has explosive ability with the football in his hands. He can be a dangerous weapon as a rusher, and he’s proven with a handful of opportunities in the past that he can be a reliable target as a receiver. On top of that, the Buckeyes are expecting him to help out as returner on special teams, a job that Meyer doesn’t just hand out for no reason.

So, a healthy McCall is undoubtedly an asset for Ohio State. What exactly does that mean for his role moving forward this season when there is already something of a logjam at the skill positions? That’s a question that is probably going to have to wait a couple more weeks as offseason conditioning winds down and training camp begins for the Buckeyes.

But given all the buzz about his potential, the dynamic performance in the spring game and the fact that he’s already put some highlights on film, McCall was a natural pick to add to the preseason BuckIQ breakdown series. There is so much intrigue about this talented, versatile player, and that goes for Lettermen just like it surely does for fans who have clamored to see McCall more involved offensively for the program.

All the answers won’t magically present themselves. But looking at some of the ways Ohio State has unleashed Demario McCall in the past, it’s a head start to looking at just how Meyer and the rest of the staff might find spots to let him go to work this season.

Let’s roll the tape!

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Brian Pratt

Excellent interview! Love the way you let us watch the play first, then go back and get into details. Also, you let the letterman speak a lot freely, which allows him to open up and give those insights that only a player can. Good job there. And good questions By you that opened up important aspects about using Demario, questions im sure lots of us have. Learned about his vessatility in that. Speaking of versatility, Evan was THAT, (as was Jalen Marshall,) thos two gave us so so much in thier versatility and all around athletic playmaking performances !! I… Read more »

Brian Pratt

So excited to see him with the ball this year and finally healthy. Its great to hear this report from Evan, a guy who really knows. Calls him explosive. Not up for debate. That is a serious endorsement coming from Evan. Have read and heard so much of McCall, have seen some of his abilities too.But just not enough yet….From the sounds of this, they are looking for ways to get him the ball all over the place and they have lots of confidence in him. Its going to be an awesome year!!! Lots of weapons, speed, and great all… Read more »

Brian Pratt

My comment ” lots of weapons,speed…” I meant in 2012,2013,2014 !

Evan Spencer

Evan was a four-year starter and a Captain on the 2014 National Champion football team. Currently, Evan is an entrepreneur living in Columbus.

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