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Ryan Day and Ohio State are still looking for answers about how recruiting will get back to normal. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

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Ohio State enjoys April recruiting success, big questions remain

As the world stands still, college football recruiting continues. The month of April was another good one for Ohio State, all things considered.

The Buckeyes added four new commitments in total, including two in the 2021 class. They also added two in the Class of 2022 to kickstart that group, which was one of the goals that Lettermen Row had initially pegged as a need for March before that effort was slowed down a touch by the coronavirus pandemic.

As April now comes to an end, we’ll take a look back and see how Ohio State managed the month while navigating the uncertain waters every program is currently in.

Overall, Ryan Day’s program did pretty well when it came to hitting April’s to-do list, but let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

No. 1: Ohio State needs to add an offensive lineman

For item one, we’ll have to give the Buckeyes a win, even though the offensive line commitment they added was not in the Class of 2021.

Still, the addition of Tegra Tshabola as a building block in the Class of 2022 isn’t something to scoff at. Tshabola has the potential to earn a top-50 ranking by the time that his class really comes into focus. Getting a commitment from him this early in the process is unequivocally a big win for Ohio State.

But the biggest win for April would have been if Ohio State had a chance to land 2021 standout J.C. Latham, who opted against making a commitment this month as he had been planning to do. That delay has allowed a number of other programs to move into the battle for his eventual decision, and what seemed like a clear-cut win for the Buckeyes heading into the spring is now a recruitment that has some interesting layers developing.

Ohio State has one offensive tackle committed in 2021, and Latham has been its top target at the position for the last year. Bringing him into the top-ranked recruiting class feels like a must-do for the Buckeyes, whenever it happens, as Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma and others are picking up the heat.

No. 2: Buckeyes can’t lose any commitments

Ohio State did not lose any commitments in April. This one is another win for the Buckeyes, and in fact, I’d suggest that the month went a long way toward helping maintain the longterm continuity of the 2021 class.

Each of Ohio State’s commitments used the last month to get closer to their peers, and a number of them have utilized the time away from school or work to increase the amount of time spent working on adding other players from around the nation into the class. New commitments like Tunmise Adeleye wants to aggressively recruit for Ohio State, and he should help keep conversation and relationship building in the fore as a major part of the next few months.

Tunmise Adeleye: Committed, ready to help Ohio State win national titles
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No. 3: Ohio State needs to know when recruiting gets back to normal

This particular item was never in Ohio State’s control. And because of that, it’s hard to put the blame on the Buckeyes for not being able to accomplish it. Right now, the summer is completely up in the air, and though Ohio State has not made a decision yet to cancel its June recruiting camps and visits, a number of the big-time programs in the Midwest have ii including Wisconsin, Penn State and Notre Dame.

That makes it feel pretty likely that the Buckeyes are going to be made to follow suit at some point. That uncertainty around on-campus recruiting activities may be the one thing that is capable of slowing down the incredible run that Ryan Day’s team has been on in the last six weeks. It already put an end to the possibility of an April commitment for Latham, but if June visits aren’t able to happen, it’s quite possible a number of top 2021 targets from around the country will have to decide whether it makes more sense to take their recruitments well into their senior seasons — which may not have been the original plan — or make commitments without making key, decision firming summertime visits.

2021 wide receiver latest, 2022 class begins to grow
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