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Ohio 2020 defensive lineman Darrion Henry: ‘I think I’m the best player in the country’

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Darrion Henry was very special at Ohio State on Saturday, June 16. (Photo: Birm/Lettermen Row)

Ohio State Football Recruiting

Ohio 2020 defensive lineman Darrion Henry: ‘I think I’m the best player in the country’

COLUMBUS — At 6-foot-5 and almost 260-pounds, Cincinnati Princeton’s Darrion Henry cut an imposing figure at Ohio State on Saturday, where he participated in the Buckeyes final one-day recruiting camp of the summer.

Henry, the country’s fourth-ranked strong-side defensive end, worked for hours alongside a handful of top-ranked prospects with Larry Johnson. He told the media following the camp that the chance to work with Johnson was worth the hard work in the near 100-degree heat.

“it was amazing,” Henry said of Johnson. “[He’s] one of the best defensive line coaches I’ve worked with and most definitely one of the best in the game. He taught me a lot.”

“A lot of hand technique, a lot of hip movement. Things I can show my defensive line coaches back home and help me get better.”

For Henry, the camp was another chance to validate his national ranking in front of a number of college coaches and media. He was the top-ranked player working out in Columbus and was the center of attention for most of the eyeballs there watching as spectators. He didn’t disappoint and said that the work he’d been doing prior to Saturday’s camp had paid off. Henry is confident that not only is he the best player in Ohio’s class of 2020, but he believes he’s the best junior prospect in America.”

“My technique got way better,” Henry said of his game’s recent development. “There were a lot of moves I showed today I couldn’t do two months ago.

“I think I’m the best player in the country right now, honestly. My explosiveness, my size, my frame, how I come off the ball, my strength, my work-ethic. All that.”

Where Henry ends up being ranked by recruiting services is inconsequential. What is relevant, with offers from more than 20 programs already and a number of others likely to come his way, is relationships and comfort. Those are two things he has in spades with the Buckeyes.

“I had a pretty high opinion from the start, from being a fan, my whole life hearing about Ohio State, since I live in Ohio,” he said when asked if his opinion of Ohio State changed at all because of the chance to work with Johnson up close. “Talking to all the players, they say he’s a great coach, and getting to see it first hand was wonderful. To have one of the best dl coaches as your coach? To play for him? That’d be wonderful. We’re building a great relationship.”

Michigan, Penn State, Clemson, Notre Dame and a host of other schools will work to unseat Ohio State. Henry does not have a timeline for a college choice.

“I’m still trying to find this whole thing out right now, really,” he said of his recruitment before offering up what he’s looking for in the right school. “Whatever school fits me better, and my family. I would say connection with the coach, if the coach is even going to be there, how long it will take for me to play.”

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