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Ohio State commit Cade Stover ready for special homecoming weekend

cade stover-ohio state-buckeyes-recruiting
Cade Stover is set for a special homecoming at Lexington High School this weekend. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

Ohio State Football Recruiting

Ohio State commit Cade Stover ready for special homecoming weekend

Ohio State commitment Cade Stover is set to embark on his final season of high school football and basketball at Lexington (Ohio) High School. Lexington, a small town of just about 4,700 people near Mansfield, is a farm community that’s played an instrumental role in raising Stover, the country’s eighth-ranked outside linebacker. He committed to the Buckeyes in late April this year, picking Ohio State over Penn State, Notre Dame and 20 other schools. The 6-foot-4, 230-pound athlete is on the verge of becoming his school’s all-time leading scorer in basketball, and Cade Stover will share all of the ups and downs of his senior year with Lettermen Row in this weekly journal.

As Week Six of the high school football season flies by, it feels like we may have finally hit our stride this season.

Last Friday we beat Mansfield Senior High School. They were in first place in our conference until we beat them, 47-14.

Our offensive line play an outstanding game. The running lanes were wide open, and that allowed our tailback Kayden Berry and me to rush for almost 370 yards combined. Kayden rushed for 140 yards and three touchdowns while I rushed for  227 yards with two touchdowns. I also had almost 20 tackles on defense, so it was a good night for everyone. With this win, we are right at the top in the race to win the conference even with our slow start. We are excited to take on West Holmes this week and keep the ball rolling now that we know what we can do.

I assume most of you reading this watched the Buckeyes and Penn State. That game, in my opinion, was the best college football game I have seen in my life. There were great players on both sides of the ball for both teams, and they were just flying around.  As you could tell, Happy Valley is one of the hardest places to play because their crowd was really making an impact in the game. Seeing the Buckeyes pull out that win, in that kind of environment, shows how dominant of a team that they are capable of being. I think they’ll go through the next few weeks getting better because of that experience.

Other than watching Ohio State, this past weekend I spent much of my time hanging out and letting my body relax.

ohio-state-buckeyes-football-cade stover-commit

Ohio State commit Cade Stover is enjoying his senior year. (Cade Stover/Courtesy)

Until Sunday, of course, when my Dad and I got to work.  We started with tearing down some old fence and building new. The end post on the fence has to be really strong because that is what every other post pulls off of to keep tight. So we concreted the end post. While my dad dug holes, I poured and mixed the Quickcrete in the skid loader bucket with a shovel. Then I dumped the concrete in the post holes, which allows the post to stay very stable. After we finished with the fence, we had to figure out our lawnmower since it’s been not running well and just shutting off during use. Dad and I took the engine completely out of the mower, took some of it apart and cleaned it out, got some new lines and a new fuel pump. Sticking the engine back in was pretty smooth until we looked down and saw bolts laying there and not remembering where the heck they go. 

We figured it out though and it was running like new. That’s one of the things I like about my life: There’s always something to do, and I always feel like I’m learning things that will actually be helpful as I get older.

This weekend is our homecoming weekend and dance. It is always a great time hanging out with your friends, getting dressed up and eating good food — I’m pretty excited about it.

At Lexington, we don’t have a Homecoming king, but our school votes on who should be on the homecoming court among the girls. Then, the girls can choose a senior guy they want to escort them. This year a girl named Bridgette made the Top 5, which is pretty great. Bridgette is a really special girl with Down Syndrome, and she’s someone everyone in the school loves. After talking to the girl I’m kind of dating who is in college, I decided that I would ask Bridgette if she wanted me to escort her during the assembly.

She was a little shocked at first, but said yes and was very excited about it. I’m looking forward to escorting her and making this a night to remember for everyone in our school, but especially for Bridgette. I hope she wins queen.

Have a great week everyone! Go Bucks!

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