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What’s the ceiling for the Buckeyes 2019 recruiting class?

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Marcus Washington is one player that Ohio State hopes to land in the near future. (Photo courtesy Student Sports)

Recruiting Question of the Day

What’s the ceiling for the Buckeyes 2019 recruiting class?

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Today’s Ohio State recruiting Question of the Day

Fridays’ query comes courtesy of Twitter:

Right now, Ohio State sits as the country’s seventh-ranked 2019 recruiting class. The Buckeyes have the top class in the Big Ten, though that is a recent development –– they overtook Michigan with the recent addition of Harry Miller.

As it stands, the Buckeyes have fewer commitments than any team currently ranked ahead of them, and a few of those schools (like South Carolina and Texas A&M) are pretty unlikely to stay ahead of them for too long, despite having really good classes so far.

The bottom line for Ohio State is this: if they are able to land the players that many people think they can land, you’re looking at another top 3-4 class nationally.

Currently, the Buckeyes have 202.43 “team points” using the “Class Calculator. Ohio State is the favorite to receive commitments from many of the country’s best prospects, and its a recruiting class that I could see reaching 21-22, or more,  prospects total. I’m not making any out-and-out predictions here, but let’s take these 12 players and add them, and see what happens.

Bringing in those 12 players takes the Ohio State recruiting class to 294.72 points.

How does that stack up to all of Urban Meyer’s recruiting classes in Columbus? Let’s take a look

  1. 2018 – 317.06
  2. 2017 – 312.14
  3. 2013 – 303.35
  4. 2014 – 296.08
  5. 2019 – 294.72
  6. 2016 – 289.12
  7. 2015 – 279.60
  8. 2012 – 286.13
  9. 2011 – 278.47

That number is obviously a bit of a guess, but if the 294.72 number would have been good enough to finish fourth nationally in 2018, sixth in 2017, fourth in 2016 and third in 2015.

After two straight star-studded classes in Columbus, there’s a sense of “coming back to earth” it seems for Buckeyes fans, but rest easy: Urban Meyer is in charge and Ohio State is going to finish with a Top 5 or Top 6 class this year, and every year.

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