Committed: 2019 3-Star Athlete Craig Young

Craig Young is one of the country’s most dynamic high school athletes. 

Young, ranked as Indiana’s 10th-best football prospect, is a state-champion sprinter (10.58 in the 100 meter dash) who measured in at 6-foot-3 and 212-pounds during an Ohio State one-day camp in June of 2018.

A 3-star prospect from Fort Wayne Wayne High School, Young chose Ohio State over offers from Indiana, Purdue, Iowa and Michigan State.

You could get lost in hyperbole if you really started to break down what kind of athlete Young is.

The 10.58 speed in the 100-meter dash is one thing, but he’s also a rocked-up 212 pounds and a true 6-foot-3. He’s what you want a football player to look like, though he’s still pretty raw when it comes to the game itself. 

Ohio State fans will see an athletic, big  linebacker in the mold of a Malik Harrison by the time he’s done in Columbus, but Young could start his college career as a safety potentially.

With his size and speed combo, he’s a perfect candidate to get early playing time on special teams as he grows his game and becomes a more complete player at whatever position he settles into.



"He’s a smart kid. He wants to do well for his parents, his family. He can take it as far as it could go as long as he remains focused and remembers what’s important: God, family and football third on that list.”


As I watched Craig Young work out with the Buckeyes on June 12 during the one-day camp that would ultimately cement his place in the Ohio State recruiting class, I was immediately struck by his size and speed combination.

That’s why, even though there was no true position for Young when Ohio State decided to say “yes” to him, the Buckeyes couldn’t say no.

There’s still no real position for Young, but there’s no doubt that he’s got the talent to contribute somewhere for the Buckeyes when he becomes a more complete football player. The top end speed, the size, the attitude are all what you’d expect from an Ohio State “kid” and Young worked himself into his spot in front of the Buckeyes coaching staff and for some reason those kids usually tend to make an impact.

The real question with Young will be how his commitment impacts other members of the Class of 2019. If Young is a safety, that means the Buckeyes are done at the position most likely, with him joining Bryson Shaw and Ronnie Hickman. If he’s a linebacker, it could change the eventual positioning of athlete Steele Chambers from linebacker to tailback, and that could shut down any efforts in recruiting another back.

There are no “charity” offers at Ohio State. If Young couldn’t play in Columbus, the Buckeyes wouldn’t have offered him a chance to, clearly they’re willing to take on the risks his positional uncertainty brings.